Gift Idea: Write a Letter

Over the last few years, anytime my husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I was a loss for ideas. It’s because I really don’t need anything and the older I get, the more I hate clutter of unnecessary things. A couple of birthdays ago, I simply asked for a plant and a letter and I haven’t looked back since.

Twenty Fifteen

 When I said 2014 was an exciting year, I really had no idea what was in store for 2015.  From getting married to opening the Spice rack, I experienced an immense amount of growth this year.  I learned a lot about myself, both the positive and the not so pleasant.

20 Things

I was tagged on Instagram to share 20 things about myself. This is such a fun way to get to know your instafriends a little better!

I was named after Queen Dina of Jordan. However, I was *almost* named Reba after the country singer. (What was going on in the 80s?)
I get ants in my pants if I’m not constantly working on a project, but I #Sundaysohard every weekend.

Top 3 Hangriest Moments

I think I’m generally a pleasant person, except of course when I’m hungry. I’m not proud of it but when I reach a point of ravenous hunger, something comes over me and I may say things I will regret.  I’ve been guilty of some pretty remarkable hanger episodes that in hindsight tend to be pretty humorous, unless of course you were on the receiving end.

I Woke Up to This: The Journey Through My Four Alarms

If you read the first post in the I woke up to this series, you already know about how I easily sleep through four alarms every morning and that traditional alarm sounds just stopped working for me. I now set my alarm to four songs that I must alternate every 3-4 weeks. Through these posts, you may discover a new song or rediscover an old favorite.

How to Disconnect and Unplug

Between my day job as communications manager, Dina’s Days, and my personal networks I spend a lot of time online. Truthfully, I’m connected almost all day. Although I appreciate and value all of these aspects of my life, as soon as I get home at night, I often reach a point where I’m repulsed by the simple sound of an email notification.

FAQs about Arab-Americans

I thought I’d switch things up a bit on Dina’s Days to share a few frequently asked questions about Arab-Americans. This purpose of this post isn’t to answer questions such as “are all Arab Americans terrorists?” because the answer is an obvious no. Rather, with 1.

Summer Snapshots

Last Labor Day, I started a tradition on the blog by sharing the best moments of summer. It’s been a busy year, and summer was no exception when it came to special milestones.

Eid Mubarak!

{date filled Eid cookies called Kaek}

Today Muslims around the world celebrate Eid-Al Fitr. This holiday marks the end of Ramadan, or the holy month of fasting. Families will celebrate for the next three days with family, prayer, gifts to charity, food, and sweets.