How far along? 24 weeks
Gender? Girl! We found out really early through genetic testing.
Total weight gain/loss? Ooooff. Pass.
Maternity clothes? Hell yeah. I’ve invested in pants and maternity jeans. Next: maternity tights.
Sleep? You know that video of the baby elephant taking a bath? That’s me trying to roll over in bed.

10 Things to Do By Yourself

One of my fondest memories from my twenties is the time I lived alone. That period in my life played a vital role in shaping my personal growth and outlook on life. Of course, it wasn’t always fun and many times it got lonely (eating dinner in front of the TV laughing out loud to reruns of Park & Rec every night has its pros and cons).

Life Lately

Hey friends, I’m back from a brief blog and social media hiatus and I’d like to introduce you to my baby bump! We’ve got a little thrifter in training living in there and we can’t wait to meet our baby girl in 2018.

My Favorite Workout Videos

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I disliked working out at home. I would much prefer to go to some of the Tennis Lessons in Kansas City nearby by work instead. I feel like I’m actually doing something then! I feel like I can get a full workout in.

6 effs I left in 2016

I recently had an unexpected awakening. It was a routine weekday morning and as I was preparing for the workday, something just hit me. There’s really no way to explain what I felt without sounding a like a cheesy Pinterest quote, but I had this moment where I felt like this is it, this is my life, I get to decide how I feel everyday.

New & Improved Dina’s Days

Welcome to the new and improved Dina’s Days website! One of my goals last year was to finally give this site a face lift and with the help of friends, this project came together better than I imagined. One of my biggest challenges on Blogger was the lack of control I had over my site. Seven years worth of posts were getting buried in an unorganized mess.

How I learned to dress for my body

For years, I would find myself skipping over the sections in magazines that explained your body shape and how to dress for it. Are you an Apple? Pear? Or Diamond? What if you were a little bit of apple and pear with a hint of diamond? I have never been able to relate. But this bothered me because I really wanted the tips.

City Spotlight: You Had Me At Akron

My husband and I were recently invited to participate in a campaign aimed to help people fall in love with Akron. Funded by the Knight Foundation, The Akron Summit Convention and Visitors Bureau’s You Had Me at Akron campaign launched on Valentine’s Day as a way for people to rediscover what the city has to offer.

Own less, travel more: My journey into a simple life

Last month, I was trying to understand why I felt polarizing feelings anytime I walked into our bedroom versus when I entered our dining or living room. Our bedroom is large and airy with very minimal decorations or furniture. It’s a practical space where everything serves a purpose therefore, requiring minimal cleaning and organizing.

Work Tote Essentials

I’m always carrying something, somewhere. For a while, I was stuffing my lunch, mail, laptop, iPad, and a million other things in several bags to work. Sometimes I used reuseable cloth bags and even plastic grocery store bags. This summer, I decided enough was enough and bought a couple of large totes from both Target and Goodwill’s blue boutique.  These have been such a lifesaver.