dina wearing a custom the future is thrift jacket

Hi, I’m Dina!

I’m an Akron-based thrift blogger, podcast host, and branding consultant for thrift stores and creative entrepreneurs. My personal style is bold and colorful and I can’t resist a fully beaded vintage dress.

What quarantine taught me about my style

I’ve always worked outside of the home and styling outfits for the workplace has been a major part of my daily life for years. So when daily life changed for so many of us in March of 2020, this routine was disrupted and I found myself scrambling to try to fill a fashion void.

Life Lately, Six Months Postpartum

We reached the six month milestone! Here’s a look back at motherhood and parenting over the last few months:
I openly admit to people that I meet that the newborn period as a first-time mom was challenging and hit me hard and fast. Things move quickly when you have a newborn but it also felt like my old life came to a screeching halt.

Going back to work as a first-time mom

The first few weeks of maternity leave were so hectic I completely put work out of my mind (as you should!). I was so busy trying to get her sleeping schedule sorted and was so pre-occupied looking up things like the Amazonas Koala Baby Hammock & Stand, everything else totally slipped my mind. But toward the end I started to feel very anxious about returning.

I went to the Grammys!

Oh em gee. I went to the 60th Grammy awards!
My husband is a professional jazz musician and tours internationally and locally for a living. He’s currently a member of the group, Joey Defrancesco and The People and their remarkable work on the album Project Freedom was nominated for a Grammy this year.

Twenty Seventeen

Instead of resolutions, each year for the last several years I reflect and document incredible things that happened during that year (16 in 2016, 15 in 2015, and so on) as a way to remember all the milestones, growth, and good times.

I joked all year that this has been our most grown up year yet.