Style File: Graphic Stripes

I remember hating stripes in high school. One day I wore a black and white striped top with white pants to school and I regretted my decision immediately. The brutal boys in the lunch room called me a referee so needless to say, I tucked the shirt away and didn’t look back.

Loving: R2 Bauer Bootie

I first spotted this R2 Bauer Bootie at a Filene’s Basement during my visit to Chicago last month. I tried, and tried to squeeze my size 7.5 foot into a 6.5 and it just wasn’t going to happen. I made sure to store the item number in my phone for future stalking purposes. I was thrilled to find they were the first hit that came up in a google search.

Loving: Black Faux Fur Vest

I think the faux fur vest is a bold trend. But the more I see it around, the more I like it. I can only see myself wearing a black faux fur vest as of now. I’m especially a fan of the black vests layered with an all black ensemble like Olivia Palermo’s head to toe black look here.

Loving: Wide Leg Pants

Alloy Wide Leg Jeans

This season, I’m loving wide leg pants. I wasn’t blessed with height, so wearing wide leg pants that barely show my foot give the illusion that my legs are much longer than they actually are. They are also flattering on those of you who are lucky enough to reach the top shelf at the grocery store without asking the 16 year old stock boy for help.