Burgundy Boots

Two words: burgundy boots. Or maybe even just one word: burgundy. I love this color and can’t seem to get enough of it. When I saw these burgundy ankle boots on Amazon, my heart skipped a beat.
Burgundy, Merlot, oxblood – whatever you like to call it, pairs well with: pink, black, white, spice orange, deep hunter green, camel, deep denim blue, gray, taupe.

Brown Backpack Purse

You may have seen this bag several times around here but I think it’s time it had it’s own post. This is one of the most versatile pieces I’ve ever owned. I bought this on mega clearance last winter for $13 at Old Navy and it’s been all over the world with me. It’s my go to carry-on when traveling and transitions well from casual weekend wear to even workwear.

Style File: Cat Eye Sunglasses

There are so many retro and vintage style sunglasses coming back and these Cateye Retro Cat Eye Sunglasses have to be one of my favorites for warmer weather. It only took me about five minutes to sit on them in my car. That’s exactly why I don’t spend more than $10 on sunglasses.

5 Reasons Why I Love One Piece Swimsuits

Last summer I made the switch to one piece swimsuits for several reasons with my top reasons being comfort and practicality. To be honest, I was going to a water park to zip down the slides with the 12 year olds and wanted to ensure there would be no surprises.

Ear Cuffs

My sister had her entire ear pierced in the 90s and she was pretty bad ass in my 14 year old mind. I don’t know what came over me lately but I’m really loving ear cuffs all over again. I think they add the coolest yet unexpected element to a look. The model in this picture looks absolutely stunning with her hair pulled back exposing her cuff.

Spring Thrift Wish List

It’s always exciting to create a new seasonal wish list as the weather begins to change. Whether it’s a new trend or something that I need for my apartment, I always challenge myself to try to find what’s on my list at the thrift store first.


I found a vintage lilac full skirt at the thrift store recently (outfit to come soon) and I suddenly became obsessed with everything lilac. It’s so calming. I think I might redo my bathroom this spring with accents of this color. If you’re not comfortable wearing a lot of lilac try nail polish or a pretty bib necklace for a pop of this pastel.

Black & White Vertical Stripes

If you follow me on Twitter & Instagram you might remember this photo of the thrifted vs. h&m blouse. I’ve been seeing black and white vertical stripes everywhere for spring. This trend reminds me of something my older sister would have worn circa 1994.

Metallic Pink & Pastels

I’ve been excited for pink metallics for spring since I ordered the Margo pink metallic oxfords from the Christian Siriano for Payless collection. I spotted them in the Spring 2013 RTW runway collection and couldn’t contain my excitement when I happened to find them on the Payless website. Until they arrive, I have these metallic pinks to admire for the next 5-10 business days.