Thrifting a Game

Now that we’re adjusting to the new school year routine, it’s time to take on this month’s 12 Months of Thrifting prompt by taking the kids to pick out a game at Goodwill. If you’re not a big thrifter, you might be surprised to know that thrift stores carry an excellent variety of games for the entire family.

Thrifting a play outfit for kids

Happy back-to school-season!
This month’s prompt for the 12 Months of Thrifting challenge is to focus on finding a play outfit or two for the kids. If you have children going back to school, this is a great time to head to Goodwill and cross some things off your list.  If your little one isn’t in school, it’s a great time to stock up a few play outfits for fall.

How to get kids excited about thrift shopping

This month’s prompt for the 12 Months of Thrifting challenge is a little different than usual. With school wrapping up for the year and kids and parents prepare for summer break, we thought it would be a good time to allow the older kids to go on a little adventure at Goodwill and select their own item(s) for the challenge.

Thrifting Books for Kids

Before I became a mom, I would venture off to the children’s book section at Goodwill to buy books for my niece and nephew. Now that I have a little one of my own, I’ve been slowly building the nursery library with books from Goodwill. Besides the fact that books are incredibly affordable at 50 cents to $1 per book, I love the process of finding books at Goodwill.

Thrifting a dressy outfit for kids

As schedules start to fill up with spring holidays and summer events, it’s always a great idea to have a few dressy outfits on hand in advance so your family isn’t scrambling to find something for your little ones at the last minute.

Thrifting layering pieces for kids

As the weather starts to warm up a bit here in Ohio, we’re transitioning to layering pieces for the 12 Months of Thrifting challenge for kids. Sweatshirts, zip-ups, and even vests are great for kids because they are easy to throw on and are great play clothes.

Thrifting Kids Snowsuits & Snow Pants

For the second 12 Months of Thrifting Challenge for kids, we’re on the hunt for a warm snow suit and / or snow pants – it is February after all! A durable snow suit can run upwards of $50 for children and toddlers – and for good reason: we want them to be warm and dry during the coldest months of t

Thrifting Kids Snow Boots

We’re kicking off the first prompt of the 12 Months of Thrifting Challenge for kids with one of the most essential winter items: snow boots. Living in cold climates, snow boots are a must-have for everyone in the family but choosing the right pair for your little ones is very important.

12 Months of Thrifting: Kids Edition

Happy New Year! Goodwill Akron and I are back with another round of the 12 Months of Thrifting challenge.  This challenge is designed help you build a wardrobe of thrifted essentials, month by month.

This is our third year hosting this fun challenge.