The Only Thrift Tip You’ll Ever Need to Know

Patience, shopping with a list, seeking thriftspiration – we’ve shared several thrift tips on this podcast that have helped us become smarter thrift shoppers. But we believe there’s one that will help tie them all together. We’re sharing our number one thrifting tip and how it has inspired us to make thrifting a way of life.

Our Top 10 Biggest Reselling Mistakes

Best way to learn? By making mistakes! In episode 13 of the podcast, we shared our top 10 biggest reselling mistakes and the lessons we learned from them to become better resellers. Whether you’re a new or seasoned reseller – or maybe you’ve never even heard of the concept of thrifting to sell until now – we’ve got something to share for everyone.

Our Ten Biggest Reselling Mistakes

Reselling, flipping, poshing, what ever you want to call it, thrifting to sell is all the rage right now. Resellers have been thrifting for profit for decades but thanks to easy-to-use apps and a an increasingly mainstream acceptance of secondhand shopping, reselling has become more accessible than ever.

Releasing our Emotional Attachment to Material Things

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As thrifters, does the thrill of the hunt make us feel more attached to our things? What does “letting go” look like for thrifters? Are we more or less attached to emotionally attached to our material things in this age of Instagram and social media? Also, Shannon challenged Dina to see if she can find her donations on the Goodwill sales floor.

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Season 2 of Rethriftrodeuce returning on July 7

Thrifters and bargain hunters! Shannon and I will be back for season 2 on July 7. We’ve got a whole lot to talk about this season on Allow us to Rethriftrodeuce Ourselves including thrifting to sell (you all really wanted this one!) releasing our emotional attachment to things, and so much more. Listen on iTunes, Spotify, Google, and on the blog.