Where to buy wide calf boots

Shopping for wide calf boots can be a challenge, so I reached out to readers on Instagram and Facebook and asked where they have had luck finding wide calf boots. I received several great recommendations for both brands and stores.  Here’s what you all came up with:
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How to create a fall color palette

TBH, I was completely over summer fashion by say, July. Maybe it’s because I was still adjusting to postpartum life, hormones got me feeling hot all the time, or just the lack of creativity I was feeling.  I was so pumped for fall clothing I switched out my closet in August. Here are my go-to tips for making the transition a fun and seamless one:
Take inventory of what you already have.

Colorful Moto Jackets

A black moto jacket is a staple in my wardrobe but I can’t resist a colorful one! I love to browse secondhand stores for jackets that are already broken in but there are so many affordable ones online too. Check out my favorite selections around the web below. Scroll down to see how I’ve worn my jackets for style inspiration.

How I organized baby’s nursery

When I was about eight months pregnant and getting the nursery together I thought I’d never figure out a plan to get all of the items we were generously gifted at our baby shower. With a little help from my sister, the internet, and through five months of trial and error, we found a system to works perfectly for us.

Finding My Postpartum Style

I know, I know. I’ve only been a mom for four months. But in this short period of time, I think I’ve truly come to understand the meaning of “mom style.” Finding that “sweet spot” when it comes to postpartum style can be challenging. Maybe you gained or lost a lot of weight, or you’re recovering from a painful delivery, or your body shape has permanently changed.

7 Ways to Become a Better Plus-Size Thrift Shopper

Before you read this post, head over here to read my thoughts on the problem with thrift stores and the – generally speaking – lack of fashionable options for plus-size women. Below are some of my tips in response to that post.
Research plus-size only consignment shops in your area
There are a handful of shops that cater specifically to plus-size women.

The problem with thrift stores and plus-size clothing

As a lifelong thrifter, I use this blog to encourage women of all sizes to shop secondhand.  I try to be inclusive when it comes to style inspiration and like to share my favorite thrift stores that carry a variety of selections. However, I’ll be the first to tell you the majority of thrift stores are seriously lacking fashionable plus-size options.

My Husband’s Practical Gift Guide

Let me preface by saying, my husband is a very practical man who plays guitar for a living, travels most of the year, enjoys cooking, and being outdoors. So sometimes it can be tough to find the right gift for him, especially on Valentine’s day when there are so many different gift options for your partner. However, I think I’ve managed perfectly fine recently.

One $14 Dress 4 Ways

I recently took over the ReStitch.com Instagram page to share how I sales this I Heart Ronson dress 4 ways. This dress was brand new with the $72 retail tags still attached.

How To: Cuff Jeans

I’ve always cuffed and rolled up my jeans out of necessity, not style. Being under 5 feet, I’ve never actually thought twice about cuffing my skinny jeans because I really have no choice other than to hem them, and that’s not gonna happen every time.