Thrift it Fix it: Bye, Bye Bootleg

In this series, I’ll show you why an outfit didn’t work and the steps I took to fix it! I love this topic because we all run into this issue when we’re styling ourselves and sometimes all it takes is a simple fix to go from nay to yay! I encourage you to follow Dina’s Days on Instagram to catch these posts on my stories.

#RealSimpleThrifting: Classic Trench with a Burst of Yellow

The #RealSimpleThrifting style challenge is back! I took some time off to focus on the podcast but we’re back just in time for spring style. Are you up for the challenge? Grab a magazine, go to a thirft store and try to replicate your favorite looks! Share your finds using the tag #RealSimpleThrifting.

Thrift it Fix it: The Power of the Tuck

Thanks to a reader suggestion on Instagram, we’re launching a new segment called Thrift it Fix it on Dina’s Days. Often times, bloggers only show the finished look and we rarely give you the behind the scenes process of getting dressed.

How to clean your thrift store finds

From shoes to books, we’ve got you covered!


Wipe the inside and outside with Clorox wipes. For suede and leather, use a special shoe cleaner. Spray the inside with Lysol. Use Goo Gone to wipe the soles to get price tags and gunk off. Mr.

How to use ebates

You know I love a good bargain! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen my posts and tutorials on how I use eBates to earn cash back on my online purchases. I know it sounds too good to be true, I thought it was for so long. But it’s not! I’m pumped to earn cash back by shopping online this holiday season.

Turning a summer dress into a fall shirt

Living in NE Ohio, where we can sometimes experience four seasons in one week, I’ve always been big on buying pieces things that can easily be transitioned from one season to the next. I’m no stranger to transitioning summer dresses to fall. My go-to technique is to add a moto jacket, tights, and booties to a summer dress.