Can I donate it? What to do with your worn out clothes

If you’ve ever wondered what to do with a sweatshirt with a bleach stain or a pair of shoes that you feel guilty throwing away but know aren’t really wearable,  don’t fear. You can put them in a separate bag and mark them “salvage.” Most Goodwill locations in the United States will recycle them for you by putting them through their “salvage stream.

Fashion Dictionary

Whether you’re reselling online or shopping for yourself, knowing how to describe an item in the search box is key. These are some of my favorite guides from around the web.

How I organized messy areas in my house

It wasn’t even planned, guys. In fact, my plans were to put baby to bed, grab a bag of cheese cubes, and watch The Office reruns for the billionth time. But there I was staring at the inside our fridge on a Friday night and something in me snapped.