Little Black Dress

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! This weekend was definitely one of the best. I spent time with family, volunteered to dress up as an elf at the Polar Express station, shopped, went to Crafty Mart, caught two live music shows, and surprisingly did not overeat on Thanksgiving!


Now back to blogging business.

Fancy Pants

I’m always hesitant to buy colored or printed pants because I know I will probably only wear them for a couple of seasons, and printed pants can be tricky to pull off. These being less than $10, I decided it was worth the risk. 
I felt like I was overdoing it every time I tried to style them so I put them away for nearly a year until I decided to give it another try last week for work.


I went to Forever 21 for the first time in probably six or eight months when I was in Tennessee and bought this tribal print peplum top. I was torn between this one and a solid pastel peach but figured this would work well with several looks, including these pink pants. Plus, who am I kidding, I love prints.

Black, White & Mint

I love wearing this skirt to the office because it’s unbelievably easy to style and goes well with so many different colors, including gray, white, and even yellow.

Wide Leg Red Pants

I can’t get enough of red pants.  My go-to looks with red are always either nautical or a red/black/tan combo.  I found these trousers on sale at jcpenney for $5 and loved the semi-wide leg fit. Really, anything to give the illusion that my legs are longer than they actually are. I bought these with the office in mind, so here I wore it with a thrifted blouse and oversized clutch for work.

Colorful Skirts

One of the best things about thrifting is seeing the potential in pieces that seem completely unfashionable. I love buying old long skirts and hemming them to make them more modern. This skirt was full and fell well below the knee but I really liked the color, texture and pockets so I asked my mom to take off a good five inches or so.

Fuchsia & Snake Skin

I spend 40 hours of my week at the office so naturally I need more creativity when it comes to work clothes than play outfits. I think a pencil skirt is a great item to own because it can easily be transformed from a work piece to a play piece. I dress my office pencil skirts down on the weekends sometimes by wearing a loose/breezy button down with vintage flats or a t-shirt.