Thrifting black ballet flats

Before we get into this month’s 12 Months of Thrifting prompt, I have a thrift confession (thriftession?) to share:  shoes are some of my favorite things to thrift.  The idea of buying secondhand shoes may cause many to pause but ask any veteran thrifter and I bet you they will tell you the same.

Thrifting a black pencil skirt

We’re half way through the 12 Months of Thrifting Challenge! How’s it going for you? Are you getting the most of out your purchases? If I had to narrow it down to the top 3 items on this list, a black pencil skirt would make the cut.

Thriftspired by: Ashley Graham

Thrifticating Ashley Graham’s look was as easy as $2 + $4 +$7!
This outfit was a head to toe thrifted look and affirms my love for black and brown together. I always spot leather skirts at the thrift store, similar to Ashley’s here but I opted for a more practical one for work and every day wear.

Common Threads Thrift

 Common Threads Thrift, located at 22049 Lorain Road in Fairview Park opened last month and the fine folks over there invited me to check it out and host a giveaway for my thrifty readers. Anytime I visit a new thrift store, I find myself looking for a few certain elements (you can read about these elements here). Here are a few reasons why I loved this new thrift store and think you will too.

Bell Sleeves

Anyone else try to eat while wearing bell sleeves? Not a good look.

I love 70s fashion. It’s one of my favorite decades for fashion.  I find myself constantly drawing inspiration from that time, so I’m thrilled to see many of the styles – both in home decor and fashion- make a huge comeback this season.

Thriftspired by Jessica Alba

I’m usually deliberate with my thrift replications, meaning I’ll search for a specific item on Pinterest or Google for inspiration. With this one, I happened to come across this picture of Jessica Alba and realized that I already owned a sweater very similar to hers that I got at Goodwill for $3. I have a huge style crush on Jessica Alba so it was a win-win for me.

Brown and Black

I find myself often over thinking things when styling an outfit but it’s usually the ones that don’t take too much effort that I love the most. There isn’t anything particularly special about this outfit, it’s not a bubble gum pink ensemble or anything like that, but it felt right. I threw this together one morning for work in a rush and it confirmed my love for black with and brown.

Tweed Blazer

I wouldn’t say that Talbots is necessarily my go-to style, but was drawn to this jacket when I found it at the thrift store.  I figured it would be good for work but it’s taken me over a year to figure out how to wear it without looking too stuffy. I’ve tried everything from chambray shirts, to graphic tees, to button downs with no luck.

Black / White / Pink

My co-worker, who also happens to share an appreciation for black and white, gave me the best tip when I wore this outfit to work. Because she travels a lot, she focuses on packing several black and white pieces and throws in bright accessories; like a red scarf, colored shoes, and so on.

Secrets + Stripes

I’m going to go ahead and reveal several secrets related to this post, with the first one being that I bought this shirt from Wal-Mart a good 13 years ago when I was in the 10th grade. The fact that I still have it tells me I’m either a hoarder or stripes never go out of style.