Palazzo Pants

I found these vintage Caché pallazo pants at the Akron Discovery Shop for $2 and it wasn’t until I went to the fitting room to try it on that I discovered it wasn’t a maxi skirt.

Exposed Orange Socks

Styling this outfit was a complete accident. My feet were cold in my apartment while I was getting dressed for a birthday dinner with my family so I threw on a pair of orange socks.

Outfit Outlet: Black & Gold

I’ve been wearing a lot of head to toe black looks lately, maybe because they are the most fun to accessorize. Black with gold has always been one of my favorite color combos.

Seafoam Green & Cherry Red

I’ve been on the hunt for a seafoam green top from the thrift store. I knew I’d find one at a second hand shop because this is definitely a shade I’ve seen quite a few grandmothers wear over the years.