Big Red Shoulders


Akron Ymphony?

Red blazers are a staple in my closet because they are so unbelievably versatile. I already own a thrifted red blazer but I really love a strong shoulder so I had to convince myself that I needed this collarless one too. I found this at the Salvation Army as part of a two piece suit for $4.

$1 Vintage Paisley Dress


I think if I had to narrow it down to a few of my favorite styles ever, I’d say long sleeve mini dresses make the list.  I bought this dress the first time I ever went to Givits for $1 and when my mom hemmed it for me she said she owned something similar to it in the 60s. Oh mama, how I would have loved to raid your closet 40 years ago.

Retro Leopard Pants

I bought these retro pants from the Salvation Army with the intentions of selling them last year at the Ohio City Open Air in the Square market. When they didn’t sell, I decided to hold on to them rather than donate them. I’m glad I did because these ended up being a lot of fun and very comfortable.

Palazzo Pants

I found these vintage Caché pallazo pants at the Akron Discovery Shop for $2 and it wasn’t until I went to the fitting room to try it on that I discovered it wasn’t a maxi skirt. I was pleasantly surprised and excited about my find.
I’ve been looking at pictures of my mom in the 70s and I’ve fallen in love with the way she used to wear her hair parted down the middle.

Easy Breezy – The Return of the Maxi Skirt

Although I love the way they look with boots and chunky knit sweaters, I wasn’t brave enough to pull out the maxi skirts this past winter. No sir, not in NE Ohio. This teaser of spring that we’ve had however, encouraged me to play around with my new thrifted cobalt blue maxi.

Red Jeans & Winter Nautical Stripes

When it comes to ultra trendy pieces, I usually only wear them a handful of times. Red pants, however, have proven to exceed the “three wears” rule and I’m pretty sure my friends are beginning to think I don’t own any other pair of pants.  Colored denim is everywhere now and if you’re considering purchasing a pair, I highly recommend a red or a navy blue.

Wearing Nightgowns as Dresses

I remembered the spread on wearing lingerie as outerwear in Stacey’s thrift guide when I bought this nightgown.  As soon as I saw it I thought it could pass for a dress, in fact I’m pretty sure I saw something very similar to this style in the Love 21 line during the pastel trend explosion.

Exposed Orange Socks

Styling this outfit was a complete accident. My feet were cold in my apartment while I was getting dressed for a birthday dinner with my family so I threw on a pair of orange socks. I  put my jeans on, realized I needed to roll them up a bit, and before I knew it I was out the door with exposed orange socks.

Outfit Outlet: Black & Gold

I’ve been wearing a lot of head to toe black looks lately, maybe because they are the most fun to accessorize. Black with gold has always been one of my favorite color combos. It’s a close call between that and black with silver. I wanted to share a really comfortable and casual look I threw on for an outdoor jazz concert at Lock 4 park.

The Last Of The Pastels

I can’t stand “fashion rules” as much as I can’t stand talking to co-workers before 10am – they annoy me.  However, with that being said there are certain things you can’t take with you as the seasons change for obvious reasons.