Tartan Umbrella

No section of the thrift store is off limits for me. Well, okay the underwear section is off limits for me. One of the most common thrift tips I share at my workshops is to check all sections. You never know what could be misplaced or simply has potential to be something else.

Red Hooded Coat

If you get used to spending 75 cents and $1 on clothing, a $15 thrift store purchase seems like a million dollars.
I found this coat recently and I can’t believe how long I hesitated before I bought it.

Vintage Plaid Poncho

It’s always exciting when you can find an older version of something new and trending. I didn’t think I’d ever find another poncho similar to last the one I found last year.

Inspired By: Chaka Khan

 A week or so ago I happened to glance at my phone while listening to Pandora and instantly noticed Chaka Khan’s monochromatic outfit on the cover of her 1978 I’m Every Woman album.

Vintage Silk Beads

I found this dress at the thrift store the week I started Weight Watchers but when I tried it on, it wouldn’t fit. Although I was able to put it on, it was totally unwearable.

Swing Coat

My closet has reached full capacity with coats. I have coats that I bought ten years ago that I still wear and therefore hardly ever buy them anymore.