Tartan Umbrella

No section of the thrift store is off limits for me. Well, okay the underwear section is off limits for me. One of the most common thrift tips I share at my workshops is to check all sections.

Red Hooded Coat

If you get used to spending 75 cents and $1 on clothing, a $15 thrift store purchase seems like a million dollars.
I found this coat recently and I can’t believe how long I hesitated before I bought it.

Vintage Plaid Poncho

It’s always exciting when you can find an older version of something new and trending. I didn’t think I’d ever find another poncho similar to last the one I found last year.

Inspired By: Chaka Khan

 A week or so ago I happened to glance at my phone while listening to Pandora and instantly noticed Chaka Khan’s monochromatic outfit on the cover of her 1978 I’m Every Woman album.

Vintage Silk Beads

I found this dress at the thrift store the week I started Weight Watchers but when I tried it on, it wouldn’t fit. Although I was able to put it on, it was totally unwearable.

Swing Coat

My closet has reached full capacity with coats. I have coats that I bought ten years ago that I still wear and therefore hardly ever buy them anymore.

Retro Leopard Pants

I bought these retro pants from the Salvation Army with the intentions of selling them last year at the Ohio City Open Air in the Square market.