Bright Bold Bargain

Guys, I need a life lesson on applying my “I won’t stop until I find it at the thrift store” type of persistence to other important aspects of my life.

Vibrant Vintage

This coat was a lucky thrift find this winter. I wore it on Christmas and fell in love with again this weekend when I wore it to dinner.  My favorite thing about it is the pretty pink lining! I paired it with my 75 cent Cynthia Rowley blouse, also thrifted, and my favorite jeans from Target. I buy the cropped jeans because they hit my ankle at just right spot.

Tartan Umbrella

No section of the thrift store is off limits for me. Well, okay the underwear section is off limits for me. One of the most common thrift tips I share at my workshops is to check all sections. You never know what could be misplaced or simply has potential to be something else.

Thriftspired by: Rihanna 70s Vibes

Faux shearling made a pretty huge comeback this fall and winter and I’m totally digging these 70s vibes.  I picked this coat up knowing it had potential but not quite sure if I could pull it off, but knew I’d figure it out because at 75 cents it had to go home with me.

Red Hooded Coat

If you get used to spending 75 cents and $1 on clothing, a $15 thrift store purchase seems like a million dollars.
I found this coat recently and I can’t believe how long I hesitated before I bought it. Part of it has to do with my squirrel-like decision making skills, but another part of me knew I wasn’t really in the market for a new coat.

Vintage Plaid Poncho

It’s always exciting when you can find an older version of something new and trending. I didn’t think I’d ever find another poncho similar to last the one I found last year.  This year’s find is pretty darn awesome. I mean it has a hood. And fluff on the hood.

Plaid, ponchos, and the offspring of the two (plaid ponchos) seem to be the it thing for fall.

Inspired By: Chaka Khan

 A week or so ago I happened to glance at my phone while listening to Pandora and instantly noticed Chaka Khan’s monochromatic outfit on the cover of her 1978 I’m Every Woman album. I was in love; the hat, the maxi, the hair – this outfit is everything! I knew it would be totally easy to replicate at the thrift store.

eShakti Dress

Remember when I mentioned that a dress that fits properly makes a world of a difference? Enter eShakti.  They asked me to select an item and after several days of indecisiveness, I finally decided on this retro inspired dress that totally reflects my style.  It’s great for work and play and the best part is that it fits me perfectly.

Vintage Silk Beads

I found this dress at the thrift store the week I started Weight Watchers but when I tried it on, it wouldn’t fit. Although I was able to put it on, it was totally unwearable.

Swing Coat

My closet has reached full capacity with coats. I have coats that I bought ten years ago that I still wear and therefore hardly ever buy them anymore. I tried however, to resist buying this coat while thrifting with my mom one day but at $4 I just couldn’t put it back. It fit perfectly, was half off, and looks like it came straight out of the 1960s.