Lilac & Lace

I shared some of my favorite lilac pieces on the blog last week but it was this thrifted skirt that made me fall in love with this pastel shade for spring. I wore it to my Downton Abbey inspired tea party / GoodStyle model fitting and it matched my table setting perfectly (not my intention, I promise.

Denim on Denim

Last summer I found these J.Crew “high heel flare” jeans for $5 and couldn’t believe my luck when they actually fit. They were in such good shape I doubt if anyone actually wore them at all.

Pink on Pink

When I found this pink knit skirt at jcpenney for $5 I immediately remembered Miley Cyrus’s pink on pink outfit on the cover of Elle magazine that I blogged about four years ago.

Wide Leg Red Pants

I can’t get enough of red pants.  My go-to looks with red are always either nautical or a red/black/tan combo.  I found these trousers on sale at jcpenney for $5 and loved the semi-wide leg fit.

Summer Dress in Winter

I pulled this NOTO dress out of summer storage a couple of months ago with the intentions to “winterize” it and forgot all about it until we were hit with 63 degree weather in January.

Colorful Skirts

One of the best things about thrifting is seeing the potential in pieces that seem completely unfashionable. I love buying old long skirts and hemming them to make them more modern.