Colorful Skirts

One of the best things about thrifting is seeing the potential in pieces that seem completely unfashionable. I love buying old long skirts and hemming them to make them more modern.

Exposed Orange Socks

Styling this outfit was a complete accident. My feet were cold in my apartment while I was getting dressed for a birthday dinner with my family so I threw on a pair of orange socks.

Inspired By: The 90s


{thrifted shirt and vest, ny&co jeans via gabriel brothers, target boots via marc’s, urban outfitters tee via gabriel brothers}

Shopping in the children’s section at the thrift store can


I only had a few minutes to get ready in the midst of preparing appetizers for a little get together at my apartment with friends recently.

Outfit Outlet: Black & Gold

I’ve been wearing a lot of head to toe black looks lately, maybe because they are the most fun to accessorize. Black with gold has always been one of my favorite color combos.

Fuchsia & Snake Skin

I spend 40 hours of my week at the office so naturally I need more creativity when it comes to work clothes than play outfits.

Seafoam Green & Cherry Red

I’ve been on the hunt for a seafoam green top from the thrift store. I knew I’d find one at a second hand shop because this is definitely a shade I’ve seen quite a few grandmothers wear over the years.