Thriftspired by: Sarah Jessica Parker’s Pink Pants

I’ve had this image of Sarah Jessica Parker pinned on a thriftspiration Pinterest board for years and I finally had a chance to replicate it when I found this fuchsia sweater at Goodwill in Strongsville.

The thing about thrifting is that you consonantly need to seek inspiration.

Fashion Dictionary

Whether you’re reselling online or shopping for yourself, knowing how to describe an item in the search box is key. These are some of my favorite guides from around the web.

6 non-thrifted wardrobe essentials I’m wearing right now

These retail finds have been in heavy rotation in my wardrobe lately. They are the ultimate essentials! Shop below.

Old Navy Pixie Ankle Pants

I used to wear the Harper cut from Old Navy but the Pixie quickly became my new favorite. If you’re short, I highly recommend the petite length. They hit at just the right spot on my ankle.

Thrift it Fix it: Bye, Bye Bootleg

In this series, I’ll show you why an outfit didn’t work and the steps I took to fix it! I love this topic because we all run into this issue when we’re styling ourselves and sometimes all it takes is a simple fix to go from nay to yay! I encourage you to follow Dina’s Days on Instagram to catch these posts on my stories.