Floral Tee & Leather Jacket

When I wear an outfit that’s not thrifted, I have to add a dash of thrift to balance things out! It could be a bag, necklace, or accessory.  I went through a vintage clutch phase in college and this $2 convertible clutch is one that stuck with me through the years. The thrift store is great for bags and clutches.

Thrifting a Graphic Tee

If the thrift store is known for anything, it’s known for graphic tees. Wearing a shirt with an interesting image or your favorite phrase is a great way to express yourself.

Thrifting a denim jacket

Spring is the ultimate transition season, and spring fashion is no exception. This is the time of year where light jackets and layering should be key players in your wardrobe.

50 Shades of Pink

Bubble gum, blush, fuchsia, cotton candy, Barbie, you name it. Any kind of pink, I’ll take it. I especially have a weak spot for pink shoes.