Fall Maxi

I’ve never been brave enough nor have I ever been very good at transitioning my maxi skirts and dresses from summer to fall. This weekend’s 65 degree temperatures however, motivated me to give it a try (that counts as fall, doesn’t it?).


It seems as though lately my personal style posts have only featured jackets and blazers. I guess that’s what fall is all about though, outerwear and layering.

Autumn Colors

I heard that the leaves were supposed to be at their peak colors this weekend in Ohio so naturally, being an Ohioan with a deep appreciation for everything autumn, I spent as much time as possible outdoors.

Casual Fridays

Once upon a time I had Fridays off. Three day weekends every weekend. Not anymore. The End.
The only good thing about having to work on a Friday is the fact that I can have a little fun with jeans.

Cropped Cats

When I bought this peplum top I needed to fill my cart with something under $10 to receive the free shipping so I opted for this cropped cat shirt.

Camo Tee

It’s the mid 90s. I’m celebrating my 11th birthday at Pizza Hut in Amman wearing a semi-midriff camo tee with baggy jeans. I thought I was the coolest thing in the Middle East that day.

Studded Peplum

I’m not the type to buy something as soon as I see it. I hem and haw usually for weeks and by the time I finally make a decision to buy the item, it’s sold out. (I’m not indecisive or anything).

Lavender Maxi at the Lavender Farm

 I’ve been meaning to blog about DayBreak Lavender Farm for over a year. One of my favorite places  to visit in the area, DayBreak is located in Streetsboro and is home of the annual Ohio Lavender Festival.

Long Sleeve Mini Dress

I recently gave my mom a bag of dresses to hem for me and it wasn’t until I tried them on that I realized they were all the same exact style: long sleeve mini dresses.