DIY: Marquee Inspired Sign

The first thing I thought of when I was brainstorming decor ideas for my Spice pop-up collection at the new Goodwill boutique was a marquee inspired sign. I’ve found there are three ways to do this: the super cool semi-hard way with real lights, the easy way with ornaments glued inside the letters, and the super easy way with ornaments on the outside of the letters.

Easy Flower Display

So here’s the deal: I love having fresh flowers around the house but am usually too cheap to buy them because you know, they add up in cost and die in a week.

Carmen Miranda Costume

October’s thrift challenge was not only a Halloween theme but it was a special reader’s challenge! We asked you to submit your adult thrifted costumes to Dina’s Days and kids costumes to Something to b

Deck Makeover

a ‘before’ picture of my patio

I’m not kidding when I say that for a year, my deck made my house look like a vacant home. I’m embarrassed to have let it go for so long.

Succulent Display

I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve spent hours on Pinterest looking up different ways to display succulents. Why are they so pretty?! I can’t handle how cute they are.