Rug Rules

Some people have a thing for sofas, paint colors, or art work. For me, it’s rugs. When I’m furnishing a room or changing up decor in my home, I’m the type of person who typically uses rugs as my starting point. When we moved into a house that required rugs in practically every room, I was in rug heaven.

Nursery Canvas from Nations Photo Lab

Ever have a specific vision for something and the results exceeded your expectations? That’s what happened with my experience with Nations Photo Lab.
All throughout my pregnancy, I knew I wanted the artwork in the nursery to have some type of personal meaning and connection so I decided to wait for the moment of inspiration to hit.

Clever storage ideas using household items and furniture

Summer Alaedeen, designer at Adeas Interior Design is back with another home decor and DIY post for our Summer Series. This time she’s helping us kick off the new year by helping us find purpose in repurposing! Read on to see how a little creativity can help you get organized in the new year.

World Market Furniture Sale

When I’m not thrifting home decor items, I’m at World Market! When we moved into our new home this summer, I found myself popping over there or browsing online quite a bit, especially when we decided on global inspired decor for living room (see the photo of our living room above).

Funfetti Pumpkins

Introducing the world’s easiest and most feminine Halloween DIY: funfetti pumpkins. If you are a color enthusiast like myself, you will love having this pumpkin around the house. This took me all of 10 minutes and $5 to create.

Pink Kitchen Rug

Can we just take a moment to talk about my obsession with rugs? I absolutely love all the different styles, materials and rug patterns you can get. You can even make them yourself these days. I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent browsing rugs online, especially when sites like exist.

DIY: Arabic Welcome Sign

 I recently realized that I don’t have anything in my home that represents my culture or background. There are little things here and there around the house that I picked up during my visits overseas but nothing really that stands out. I love to download fonts for my blog from this website and was excited when I found an Arabic inspired font using English letters.

My Favorite Home Decorating Ideas

I’ve been so busy lately, if you threw a random date at me I can probably tell you which day of the week it falls on without looking at a calendar. That’s how much I’ve had to keep track of in my planner these days. The blogger solution for a busy life and no time for creativity? Why, share all of the google images I’ve saved in my bookmarks.