How far along? 24 weeks

Gender? Girl! We found out really early through genetic testing.

Total weight gain/loss? Ooooff. Pass.

Maternity clothes? Hell yeah. I’ve invested in pants and maternity jeans. Next: maternity tights.

Sleep? You know that video of the baby elephant taking a bath? That’s me trying to roll over in bed. I was having the most bizarre and vivid dreams in my first trimester but thankfully those stopped. I always talk in my sleep but my husband tells me I’ve been quite chatty at night lately. Mostly gibberish though. Lately, I’m not waking up as much as I did before but getting comfortable is becoming harder at night. Finally found a sleeping sweet spot with a body pillow the size of a small human.

Best moment this week? Feeling her move after I played a song for her. Also hearing her strong heartbeat at the doctor’s office.

Symptoms? Sciatica is my absolute worst pain right now. Some days the pain is so debilitating to the point where simple tasks like making the bed sends a shooting pain down my body. Carpal tunnel in my right hand isn’t fun either.

Food cravings? This is going to sound so cliche: pickles. My God they are so good. I’ve always been indifferent about them, but after watching the Pickle Gambit episode on Curb, I immediately bought a Costco size jar of pickles. Also, I wouldn’t really call it a craving but vegetables sound really good right now. A big, fresh salad sounds so refreshing! I admit I haven’t eaten as many vegetables as I would have liked so I’m hoping to get my act together. In my first trimester, cereal was my jam. I also went through a weird Greek yogurt and cucumber phase.

Food aversions? Not anymore. First trimester was an absolute beast. I was sick all the time.

Movement: A lot! They are thumps right now but she’s constantly moving.

What I’m loving: Learning to listen to, accept, and love my new body. Also, not feeling guilty about resting.

What I’m feeling: I’m feeling a little anxious about the next ultrasound and glucose test. Also starting to feel a little frantic about all of the things we have to do around the house. I know that my anxiousness and worry won’t do me or the baby any good. It’s just sometimes I find it extremely overwhelming; I just want everything to be fine. It’s at times like this that I wish I could take something like this moroccan hash canada product to relieve some of my tension and anxiety. But my friends have advised me not to do this while I’m pregnant, and they’re right. I just need to regroup my thoughts and focus on growing a little, healthy human.

What I miss? Food wise, I miss everything I can’t have: a deli turkey sub, eggs Benedict, and caffeine whenever I darn well please. Generally speaking: I miss my energy and being able to exercise without getting tired easily. I also miss being able to hop into bed and get comfortable right away.

What I’m looking forward to? Meeting her! It’s so easy to get caught up in the every day ups and downs of pregnancy: the fatigue, the anxiety, navigating the appointments, the comments, the changes in your body, the food – but every now and then I pause and think, goodness there’s a human in there! And the end-game of this journey results in a real person!

Bump? Huge. Especially after I eat breakfast 🙂

Words of wisdom: I’ve heard so many kind and warm comments throughout my pregnancy. The ones that meant the most to me included “you’re going to be a great mom,” or “you’re going to be great parents.” But boy have I heard some really odd comments, all said with good intentions, but obnoxious nonetheless. Full disclosure: I’ve been guilty of making some obnoxious comments to my sister before I completely understood what it’s like to be pregnant, comments that were intended to be a joke that I regret now (I’ve since apologized!) So, with that said, here are a few comments that you should perhaps reconsider before saying them to a pregnant person:

  • “I knew it!” I couldn’t believe how often I heard this from people when we announced the pregnancy. It left me feeling very confused and somewhat uncomfortable. Like, OK? And? Congratulations, you win the pregnancy radar award! I wasn’t sure how to respond to this comment. Sure, we’ve all thought or wondered if so-and-so is pregnant at some point but I’m not sure saying this to someone in their moment of happiness is very productive. A simple “congratulations, I’m so happy for you” is enough.


  • “I knew you looked different!” This one made me cringe. I wasn’t prepared for the changes pregnancy would bring to my body. I mean really, who is the first time around? This comment made me feel so insecure and uncomfortable. After the initial shock subsided and after hearing it so much, I stopped caring. Again, congratulations to you for noticing that I’m carrying a human inside of me.


  • Looks like you’re going to have a big baby on your hands!” I’m short so I carry all the weight in my belly so it looks like I’m much farther along than I actually am. This one made me laugh because this comment was made when I was still early in my pregnancy and the baby was the size of maybe, a small lemon.


  • You’re ready to pop aren’t you?!” This comment was made at 4 months. I’ll just leave it at that. My response: I sure hope not.


  • “It’s about time!” Ugh this one. So many things I want to say. First, it’s none your damn business. Second, it’s still none of your damn business.


  • Should you eat that?” Yes and I will.


  • Comments about their energy levels: this is one I’ve been guilty of and regret now. I don’t care how fit you are, every pregnant woman feels tired. I get this vibe from people sometimes who don’t completely understand why I’m out of breath after doing a simple task or why I’d opt out of an activity knowing how it’s going to make me feel. Not of all us can do CrossFit at 8 months. Be patient and try not to judge!

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