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Breezy Bell Sleeve

When it comes to summer clothing, I’m always on the lookout for simple, breezy tops that I can wear at least three different ways. If can find a shirt that I can throw on with jeans to run errands and then easily transition it to an evening look with heels, and then back with comfy pants to wear around the house if we’re hosting guests for a cookout – better believe it’s coming home with me!

I’ve mentioned before that when I’m not thrifting, I’m on Amazon searching for deals. In fact, there’s an entire Amazon section here on the blog. I recently ordered a few shirts with the hopes they will fit in my “three-way” category and this $20 off-the-shoulder top quickly rose to the top! It’s so comfortable and the elastic stays put for the most part. Surprisingly, it fit true to size. Usually the trendy tops I order on Amazon run really small. Now let’s just hope it stays warm enough in Ohio for me to wear this again!



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