Blush, Blue, and Brass: How I Decorated My Home with These Decor Trends on a Budget

Reading Summer’s guest post here on the blog about the latest home decor trends made me realize I’ve been inspired by a few of these over the last few months. In the spirit of keeping everything budget-friendly on this blog, I thought I’d share how I styled some of the rooms in our homes using some of the trends Summer mentioned in her post. Redecorating can be something as small as purchasing new custom door mats. Surprisingly, redecorating your home is so much easier when you have some inspiration to use as a guide so I would certainly recommend doing some research before buying anything, just to make sure it’ll fit in the room and look fabulous! Sites like can be very useful during the research stage and help you design the room exactly how you’d like it. Remember, little touches can also make a huge difference. Why not change your curtains, or give the walls a fresh coat of paint too? Things like framed pictures, coffee table books and votive candles can all help make rooms feel that little bit more homey!

Blush Chair from Goodwill

Home decor trends always make a comeback. This retro chair set me back $20 at Goodwill. I placed them next to one of these desks to give me somewhere comfy to retire to in my home office. I am so excited about how it’s all going to look together. Make a list of trends that inspire you and head to garage sales and secondhand stores. Make sure the items are in new or like-new condition before you buy. I also took Summer’s advice and made this piece my own. It’s not meant to be a desk chair, but it spoke to my home and personal style!

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Brass Lamp from Target

This lamp has since sold out but I always spot brass accents at Target.

Midnight Blue

This is hands down my favorite piece of furniture in the house. It’s from Value City.

She has arrived ? and I’ve already set so many couch rules.

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I am a floral fanatic so this was a no brainer for me! Rug is from Wayfair and bench and accessories are from Homegoods.

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