Everything Else: Limit Your Shopping Spending


I’m always trying to think of creative ways to challenge my spending, especially my shopping. Some of you might know, I’ve struggled to look after my financial affairs in the past which left me with poor credit. Luckily, I searched “fix credit report on my own” and managed to retake control of my financial affairs.

Loving: Wide Leg Pants

Alloy Wide Leg Jeans

This season, I’m loving wide leg pants. I wasn’t blessed with height, so wearing wide leg pants that barely show my foot give the illusion that my legs are much longer than they actually are. They are also flattering on those of you who are lucky enough to reach the top shelf at the grocery store without asking the 16 year old stock boy for help.

Cool Gadgets: Encase Interoffice Laptop Case

I guess you could call this a “gadget.” I saw this laptop case in the Macy’s holiday catalog that came in the mail, and I thought it was cool, clever, and fun. I know it’s crazy to think the holidays are creeping up around the corner, but this would be a nice gift for someone. I carry my laptop around in a cheetah case that I found for $.

Style File: H&M Cape Trench

I know this H&M cape trench has been floating around the Internet over the last few months. I just stared at it for so long in a magazine with the hopes that it might just jump out at me. Priced at $60, but I know it will go on sale. I will be stalking you cape trench, I will be stalking.