Big News!

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We’re sharing big news today on the podcast!

The Very Important Thrifter Club

A monthly subscription club hosted by Dina’s Days in collaboration with several Northeast Ohio thrift and consignment stores. The membership includes: 

Exclusive monthly coupons to local thrift + consignment stores​

By becoming a member of this club you’ll get access to exclusive monthly coupons to Northeast Ohio thrift and consignment stores that you can’t get anywhere else. Every month you’ll get a fresh batch of coupons to shop these stores. #betterthancookies

A guide to the best secondhand stores

Wanna know where to get the best finds? I got you. You’ll get a guide to all of my favorite thrift stores and the reasons why I love them (hint: it’s where I find all the good stuff you see on the ‘gram). 

First dibs on the thrift content you love

You’ll get exclusive members-only content like thrift hauls, sales, and more. 

The Best Thrift Friends Forever Club

If you’ve ever enjoyed my thrift tips and content over the years and want to support the blog and podcast, this membership level is for you. 

This membership helps us continue to “fight the good fight” to grow the secondhand community together through blog posts, podcast episodes, Instagram content, and more. 

You’ll get: