Beauty Box: 4 Summer Hair Styles

This weekend, Cleveland got a little taste of summer. Northeast Ohioans rejoiced with 80+ degrees of pure sunshine and dare I say-heat. Having long hair and a bedroom that begins to feel like a hot oven when the temperatures start to rise outside, (too cheap to turn the air on quite yet, don’t judge me, it’s a recession)  I have zero tolerance and patience for flat irons, blow dryers, and hair that just won’t cooperate. I start to sweat, mutter inappropriate words, and scare the cat away. This weekend, I decided to cut out all the extra fat and go straight for summer hair. After a little bit of braiding, twisting, and pinning, I was out the door.  If you have the same problem, or just need some new ideas try some of my favorites:

The last thing I want around my face or neck in the summer is my hair. Kim’s slicked back side braid solves both of those problems. On the right, I like Kim’s playful twists. Again, pulls the hair off of your face. Both of these looks also give a lot of room for you to be creative with the accessories around the face and neck. Kim’s twists/braids also work for short hair. You could also try a hairline side braid. 

Sometimes a high pony can be glamorous, but most days, especially if you have a lot of hair, it’s just simply exhausting. Trying to get my hair to smooth out into a perfect pony can be so frustrating sometimes, so I go for an Elizabeth Banks look: low pony with loose hairs in the front. And lastly, Sarah Jessica Parker’s high bun. This can be an exhausting task for me as well, but once I get it right, it’s worth the time. Isn’t it funny how the “carefree” looks are the hardest ones to perfect? 
Any ideas? What do you do with your hair in the summer? Anything different? 

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