Maybelline Color Sensational Lipsticks

Ok, I admit. I went a little crazy. I was at Marc’s, a local discount grocery store and in the closeouts section they had a fresh batch of Maybelline Color Sensational lipsticks piled in baskets for 99 cents. Considering they are usually about $7 sometimes $8 at places like Ulta, I couldn’t control myself, so I bought six of them. Now, that’s a deal! Six for the price of one!

I blogged about my love for this collection sometime last year when I bought this lipstick in Are You Red-Dy which I adore and wear as often as I can. Here’s what I bought this time around, I highly recommend every single one. And if there’s a Marcs Discount store near you, hurry over to see if you got an awesome shipment too!

  1. 015 Born With It: a mauve-ish pink. A soft, every day color. 
  2. 515 Coral Crush: This needs to be in every girl’s makeup bag this spring. Fierce! I love this shade because you can wear it during the day too, not as loud as the Are You Red-Dy, which is more of a night time shade (for me at least!) 
  3. 635 Very Cherry: A classic red. Very pigmented. 
  4. 205 Nearly There: Nude & lovely. Layer with other shades if needed. I throw this on at work all day. 
Numbers 5 and 6 were duplicate shades. I bought two tubes of Coral Crush and Nearly There (don’t judge me.) 
All of these shades are slightly glossy, which is nice because it gives just the right amount of shine.

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