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April Showers

 The internet is exploding with cliche quotes and sayings that they all begin to blend together, and I usually quickly gloss over them in my social media feeds. It’s not until something out of the ordinary happens to you that you begin to think in “cliche sayings” mode. The one thing I walked away with following a challenging situation recently is that nothing is ever final – no matter how final something feels, life just keeps going on. After somewhat of a trying weekend, taking these pictures with my dear friend Shanie was a nice break from shocking news. I actually don’t mind when it rains after we’ve had sunshine for a few days. Whenever it’s nice outside, I’m constantly on the go and can’t sit still. Rainy days give me the opportunity to catch up on things, work on projects, and listen to my favorite records – or in this case, pick through Shanie’s old jewelry over coffee and cookies in a relaxed, loose, rain-proof outfit.

{10 year old old navy trench coat • thrifted blouse • gabriel brothers skirt•  express necklace • target rain boots • coach umbrella


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