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12 Months of Thrifting: How to Wear and Thrift Embroidery | Bonus Episode

Welcome to the 12 Months of Thrifting Challenge! The prompt this month is to add a “dash of” embroidery to your outfit. In this bonus episode, we introduce the challenge and discuss styling and thrifting tips for the first prompt.

Why embroidery?

Embroidered clothing is beautiful, luxurious, and will make any outfit pop and come to life.

My favorite thing about this theme is that you can find embroidery on practically everything, so whether you’re looking for a simple dash of embroidery or looking to go all out with a bold piece, it’s an easy element to add to any outfit.

How to wear it:

Let it shine! Keep most everything around it neutral. You can also mix embroidery with other textures and fabrics.

Mild Dash: Look for bags, clutches, scarves.

Medium Dash: Shirts, blazers, moto jackets, sandals, shirts, sandals.

Spicy Dash: jackets, coats, jeans, moto jackets.

How to thrift it

Use your eyes! Embroidered clothes and accessories are some of the easiest things to thrift because they are going to stand out on a rack. Don’t forget to look at the shoes and accessories for hidden embroidered gems!


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