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Yellow Skirt 6 Ways

A few months ago I shared on social media that a yellow skirt was on my thriftdar, meaning it was on my list of things to look for at the thrift store. I stopped by the Village on my lunch break last week with the intentions of only browsing the purses because I really wanted a 90s backpack purse for jazzfest weekend. I happened to glance over at the skirts and spotted this yellow Limited brand pencil skirt half off for $3. I bought it – no brainer. Anytime I buy something bold I have to figure out how I’m going to wear it at least three ways, so I came up with 6 instead.

1. Casual Chic: with a striped tee, floral scarf, and wedges. 

Tee: thrifted $1. Shoes: thrifted $2 Scarf: thrifted $1
Every single item in the outfit is thrifted. From the scarf to the shoes. I found that pairing stripes and floral with a yellow skirt were my favorite combinations so I mixed prints and wore them both for a bold summery look!
2. Color blocking with a pink
Top: thrifted $1 / shoes: NY&Co.
Yellow and pink look great together! Color blocking with yellow is so easy and so much fun. Refer to this guide if you need some help with color blocking.

3. With chambray

Shirt: thrifted $5 / Shoes: thrifted $4
Ahh, chambray. The most versatile shirt every invented. Another head to toe thrift here. This combination can easily transition from work to play.

4. For the office: with a blazer

Blazer: JcPenney $16 / top: thrifted $8 / shoes: thrifted $2
Throw on a structured blazer and transform a yellow skirt from playful to professional.

5. With a cropped top and florals

Cardigan: Forever 21 / top: thrifted $8 / sandals: Target $12
Pairing a yellow pencil skirt with floral print adds an instant garden vibe to the outfit. Because a floral cardigan has the potential to be dangerous territory, I added a cropped top to balance it out.

6. With black & white

Top: thrifted / shoes: Aldo
“I guess I’m going to be the buzz of the office today.” I used to make that terrible joke every time I wore black and yellow to the office. I love black, white, and yellow together. It’s timeless and will never go out of style.


Which one is your favorite? How do you like to wear yellow skirts?