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What’s something you won’t thrift?

In the first episode of our podcast (Take My Thrift Away) we talked about the things that take our breath away or the things that still stop us in our tracks despite decades of thrifting. In episode 2 (We Won’t Thrift____?) we thought we’d explore the other side of that and share the things we won’t thrift. We also asked our listeners on Facebook and Instagram to share the things that are on their “no thrift list.” We heard a variety of responses ranging from undergarments to furniture. Keep reading for a list of things we won’t thrift and photos from this episode.

The No Thrift Zone:
• Underwear
• Buying an item only because it was cheap or cost $1 (that’s how you end up with 100 things you never needed that each cost $1!)
• Secondhand games that would cost the same as the sale price at a retail store
• Fast-fashion brands
• Brands and styles that we don’t necessarily like but feel pressured to buy because they are trendy or carry an expensive retail price.
• Stuffed animals we can’t wash

We also shared a few recent thrift finds, including this cute cardigan from Goodwill Akron!

This is the swirly, twirly skirt Shannon loved and Dina scored for $16

And last but not least, Shannon’s kitties out on a stroll.

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