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Vintage Silk Beads

I found this dress at the thrift store the week I started Weight Watchers but when I tried it on, it wouldn’t fit. Although I was able to put it on, it was totally unwearable.  But how could I possibly pass on a 100% silk, pink, vintage, beaded dress that just so happened to be $4? I’m usually not the type to buy something just to put it in the “when I lose weight” pile, but considering the fact that I had committed to making a lifestyle change by joining the program, I knew this was a realistic goal to set.

Ever since  I started Weight Watchers, I hang my favorite items on my dressing room door as motivation, and this dress hung there for a few months. Forget the numbers on the scale, fitting into this dress was one of the best ways to measure my success. It’s such an incredible piece! I love the broad shoulders and of course, the open back. Next on my goal list: the red sequin dress from last year’s Moroccan Holiday collection; I’m so close!


Dress, vintage, $4
Tango Rosette Pumps, Forever 21, probably around $20 back in 2009
Fresh Paint nail polish in Honeydew


  • Not only is it stunning on you .. But it's loose! Congrats Dina you look amazing

  • This dress is FANTASTIC! So glam! The story is ever better, way to go! Its much more fulfilling (for me anyway) to see results in clothes than on the scale.

  • I love this. All.Of It. The color of that dress is magnificent on you, Dina.

    But I am having serious heart palpitations over those heels. Those are HOT.

  • Thanks gurl!!!

  • Thank you Nadine. We get so caught up obsessing over the numbers on the scale when really we're losing inches and don't realize it!

  • Thank you! Those were such a great find years ago at Forever 21. They usually only come out for weddings and fashion events!

  • That dress is amazeballs and you look fantastic!

  • HOT!!!!

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  • Good for you! That has to feel so good, you should be proud! I love the drapey back, it's gorgeous on you! -♥- Rachel (For the Birds)

  • Thank you!

  • Thank you! The Village has some of the best finds.

  • Lol! Thank you!

  • You did good by not passing on that incredible dress. Congrats on your success with Weight Watchers, now the dress is your reward!

  • A dress as a reward sure beats rewarding myself with food. Totally calorie free! Thanks for the kind words.

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