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Twenty Fifteen

 When I said 2014 was an exciting year, I really had no idea what was in store for 2015.  From getting married to opening the Spice rack, I experienced an immense amount of growth this year.  I learned a lot about myself, both the positive and the not so pleasant.  I set my personal and professional goals for 2016 back in November, and I’m thrilled to start the year slightly ahead of schedule. I reopened the etsy shop, chopped off my hair, and rejoined Weight Watchers on Christmas Eve to get a head start on health and fitness. As for Dina’s Days, I intentionally cut back on blogging and focused on instablogging (on Instagram) to regroup and reevaluate my direction and long term goals. I spent a lot of time considering the long term goals of this blog and decided to shift things around just a bit in 2016 to focus on a few key areas. I find myself drawn to blogs, magazines, and articles that leave me with an easy to implement takeaway –  things I can apply to my everyday life. That’s why I’m hoping to include more thrift style posts focused on casual everyday wear,  general tips for everyday people, personal posts, and a new series focusing on the reasons why I thrift.

Thank you for your support, comments, and friendship. Here’s to a thrifty 2016!

A few of my favorite posts from 2015:


  • Mon meilleur souvenir de confiture: la confiture de fraises de ma grand-mère. Car une confiture préparée en juillet avec des fraises récoltées à 1200 m d'altitude dans son jardin au creux des montagnes, ce n'est pas courant… et c'est surtout divinement parfumé pour les papilles. Et parce qu'ensuite, je me souviens de la tête de mon grand-père, lorsque je prenais mon &qgt;tfromaueetdessert&quoo;, sous la forme d'une généreuse tartine de pain recouverte de cette fameuse confiture puis d'une jolie tranche de Beaufort d'été!

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