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Top 3 Hangriest Moments

I think I’m generally a pleasant person, except of course when I’m hungry. I’m not proud of it but when I reach a point of ravenous hunger, something comes over me and I may say things I will regret.  I’ve been guilty of some pretty remarkable hanger episodes that in hindsight tend to be pretty humorous, unless of course you were on the receiving end.

Shamefully, my top 3 hangriest moments:
1. It’s my fried chicken party and I can cry if I want to. 
My friend and I decided to have a fried chicken party. We had these grand plans of getting a few buckets to-go, meet up at my sister’s house and pig out. Let me just tell you, I practically starved myself that day in preparation for the party and even worked out to make room for those extra calories. Wouldn’t you know that he cancelled at the last minute and by that time every single fried chicken joint within a 10 mile radius was closed. I blame my low blood sugar for the tears I cried in the car over fried chicken.

2. I’m either going to die of hunger or kill you first. 
This is probably my most embarrassing moment. I was with a group of friends at restaurant for a birthday and the birthday girl was extremely late. I vividly remember how hungry I was that day. (Why didn’t I just have a snack?) Anyway, when she finally arrived I made a tasteless and yet very detailed threatening joke about her tardiness. In my severe state of hanger, the joke made perfect sense in my mind. I got so many weird looks I knew I had to shut up and eat something immediately.

3. The Luigi’s Line. 
We had plans to go to Luigi’s for pizza and by the time we arrived I was starving and of course, the line was wrapped around the building even in frigid December weather. I tried to convince the group to wait in line but they said absolutely not. We ended up at a place downtown and I was g-r-u-m-p-y, whispering under my breath about how slow the service was and asking my fiancé to “tell her I want some service!” As soon as the first spoonful of soup hit my taste buds my demeanor completely changed and I looked up to the group and exclaimed “well this is fun!”

I’m learning how to mange my hanger by eating snacks regularly but mostly by avoiding all human contact until I have eaten.