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Thrift Thursday: Hermes Typewriter

I went to my first estate sale a few weeks ago and when my friend told me the deceased owner of the house was a hoarder, I thought she was joking. I hardly ever get overwhelmed in places like these, in fact I thrive in them, but when I arrived at the house, I was totally blown away by all of the stuff. She wasn’t joking — sadly he really was a hoarder. Wall to wall stuff, I mean you could hardly move in there. Entire rooms were inaccessible to him for years because he stored so much stuff in there. I didn’t do as much digging as I had planned because there were so many people following us around and I was very distracted – until I found the typewriter.

I’ve always wanted one so this was the perfect opportunity to buy one. I bought the typewriter along with a trash bag of other things including a paper shredder for $25. It was hardly used and is still in great condition.  They had plenty of ribbon tape left for me to grab in case I need to replace it in the future.

The best part isn’t that this was made in 1958, the fact that it has aqua keys and it’s selling for $400 on some sites online, but that it writes in script! It’s adorable! I already sent my friends and family letters in the mail.

Estate sales are pretty cool and I haven’t even scratched the surface yet. Katie is an estate sale pro, she’s often giving me tips and told me about, a website that notifies you of sales in your area.