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The Wet Brush


The Wet Brush has me feeling like Marcia Brady

I’ve had The Wet Brush in my amazon cart for a few years,  ever since a hair stylist at a salon brushed my hair using this product. I couldn’t believe how easily she got all the tangles out of my long unruly hair. I kept forgetting to place the order until my sister told me about some amazing brush she just ordered on amazon and how great it makes her hair feel. Wouldn’t you know it was The Wet Brush. It was meant to be all along! This brush is fantastic, especially if you have long hair. It instantly and painlessly gets all the tangles out of both wet and dry hair and reduced the number of times I have to brush throughout the day. I remember how painful it was for us as kids with long hair when my mom would brush it after the pool. It was excruciating. If you or your kids have long hair, I totally recommend this. It’s only about $8 online and they even run Groupon specials sometimes.

This post is not sponsored. I just really love this brush!