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The Original Beauty Blender Review

When I hosted a beauty workshop with my sister last spring, she swore by the beauty blender. I kept wondering what all the hype was about, isn’t it just a sponge? Apparently not. This five-time Allure winner evenly distributes your foundation or concealer, leaving your face looking smooth, even, and airbrushed.

First you wet the sponge and it expands, doubling in size. Then you let it sort of bounce off your face as it distributes your foundation evenly. It really is worth all the hype. I feel as though I’m not wasting foundation by using my fingers to rub it in (I never really used a brush to begin with, so I can’t compare it to that). I use a smaller amount of foundation and have better results blending it in since half of it would end up on my hands before. Cleaning it is so easy. I simply use bar soap and squeeze it all out. As soon as it dries, it retains it’s original size. It’s a little pricey but worth the investment (it’s $20 on Amazon). I use every single day and it’s already paid for itself. No streaks and no missed spots.

My favorite way to clean the beauty blender is to use small hotel soaps. They are small so they fit perfectly in your hand and really get the job done.