Succulent Display

I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve spent hours on Pinterest looking up different ways to display succulents. Why are they so pretty?! I can’t handle how cute they are. Because my theme for the Goodwill fashion show was based on plants and flowers, I set up a build-your-own-bouquet table at the first fitting for my models and gave them all succulents at the final fitting. I found so many pretty ones at Lowe’s and then headed to the Salvation Army to try to find bright mugs or teacups to display them in. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find exactly what I had in mind and was running out of time so I opted for these glasses instead. What are they? Dessert glasses? I don’t know but either way I was very happy with the results, I thought they looked pretty cool on a tray.




How do you like to display your succulents? 


  • They would look cute on a cupcake display!

  • How cute! Nearly two years ago, I put all of my succulents in a medium-to-large-sized round clay dish/bowl and made a cactus garden that I keep in our kitchen nook in the fall and winter…and then transition on to the deck in the spring summer. (I just moved the garden out about two weeks ago.)

    I'm so proud of this beautiful garden! I bought half of my succulents at Walgreen's, of all places, and the rest on clearance at Lowe's. (Frankly, I'm just happy that I've kept them alive!)

    Great post!

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