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Sibling Stories: Useless Arguments

After you’ve been in a relationship with someone for a long time you start to argue about the stupidest stuff.  For example, my fiance and I just argued whether the lyrics to the Lil Scrappy rap song ( a terrible one, I must add) say “money in the  bank, shorty what you drank” vs “money in the bank, shorty what you think.”  

He was right. It’s drank.

Now, imagine the type of arguments that take place after you’ve known someone your entire life. i.e siblings.

As the youngest of three girls, I always assumed the ridiculous discussions  my sisters and I had were normal methods of communication. It wasn’t until recently, while in the car with my sister and her husband, that I realized how outrageous we must sound to other people. We spent 15 minutes arguing over the direct translation of cheap vs frugal from English to Arabic. That one doesn’t even compare to the latest argument that ensued when I told my sister that I don’t like chocolate covered marshmallows. She went on to argue that –  no, I  didn’t know what I was saying and that she knows for a fact that I’ve never before tasted a chocolate covered marshmallow. We went on like this for a good 20 minutes, even after I asked her in all seriousness,  “how would you know? Are you in my body?”

So in order to make me feel a little less crazy, I’d love if you shared some of the ridiculous things you argue about with your siblings. Tell us in the comments!

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  • My sister and I are about 18 months apart, with her being the older sister. As we have aged, I know that if I am having a conversation with her and something I said may not make logical sense to her…even though it happens the way I say, she will argue the point. Now, I just slowly try to back out of the conversation when I see this happening. For instance, a number of years ago before we made a trip to Hawaii with friends, I was telling her about zip lock omelets and how it might be fun to try while on fashion, make an omelet bar, etc. I explained to her how it is done, etc. She argued with me logical points (or so she thought) about why it wouldn't work. When she finished, I said "So, it won't work?" and she reiterated a solid "No". Then I said, "Well, I've already made them and they turned out great." She did not know how to respond. LOL This has happened on a couple of other occasions, usually when we are speaking on the phone. Her job is analytical, and she tends to over analyze even the most mundane things. My guy can tell when this situation is happening if he is sitting next to me listening. LOL

  • Hahaha!!! I still think if you'd try the Malley's chocolate covered marshmallow Easter eggs you'd change your mind. I mean, how could you not like it???????????

  • Lol Helen! I remember those ziplock omelettes. I guess as older siblings we can't fathom that they younger ones know something we don't. Preposterous, I know but we can't help it! I do it to Dina, and Nora does it to both of us.

  • Lol!!! As ridiculous as these stories are, sisters are still the best!

  • I got nothin'. I'm an only child. But I enjoyed your post and couldn't wait to read it. I'm forever curious about the notion of sibling squabbles, sibling rivalry — and virtually anything having to do with siblings because I'm fascinated by it. I see how Scotty competes for attention now with the arrival of Kennedy,and I think the train has just left the station, so to speak. It's gonna be a long, exhausting ride. :-/

  • Courtney,
    I think it's totally natural for him to compete for attention but since they aren't that far apart in age, they will most likely grow up to be really close. She will be his lil sis! I watch how my 7 year old nephew is with my 3 year old niece; he loves her and plays with her but also humors her. It's the cutest thing ever.

    My sisters and I squabble all the time but I think the best part is that we were never in competition with one another – ever. Thankfully, we never got into sister rivalry on a serious level. That's some scary stuff.

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