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Our Wedding

 Now that the dust has settled a bit and I feel like I can come up for air, I wanted to share a few snippets from our wedding with the hopes that it may help others as they plan their big day.

Akron Citi Center Florist replicated my dream bouquet at an extremely affordable cost. I simply showed him a picture of what I had in mind and he designed the most beautiful, vibrant bouquet.


Jabbour’s in Stow performed magic on my dress. I made the bold move of ordering my dress online and foolishly didn’t anticipate so many alterations. Jabbour’s made me feel at ease every single step of the way and after all was said and done, they practically made me a new dress.


We opted to skip a traditional wedding cake and went for small center piece cakes instead. My husband’s cousin Rayna and her daughter Erica tirelessly worked to bake the most perfect cakes for us. Each cake had its own flavor and design, which added to the vibrant color scheme.  We’re all hoping she opens a bakery soon – I’ll be sure to share her information if she does. We borrowed mismatched cake stands from practically every friend, family member, and co-worker we know and I thrifted the rest from Goodwill.

I did a lot of research on “unplugged weddings” because we both felt strongly about not having a play-by-play of our day documented on social media. There were a lot of helpful resources on Pinterest that helped to inspire our own lighthearted rhyme encouraging our guests to keep the posting to a minimum. Our signs read: “Oh snap! We’re so glad to be hosting, but we’d appreciate if you could refrain from posting. All of your pictures we’d love to see, but for now we’d like to keep it social media free!” 

Finally, we wouldn’t be able to share any of these photos without the talents of Cindy Nichols Photography who made posing for photos in humid weather feel like a breeze.


  • Your day was a blast and you looked stunning 😍

  • Wow! Gorgeous. I love, love the bold colors.

  • Absolutely stunning! Congratulations again!! You two are knockouts!

  • You look gorgeous! Looks like a fabulous day. Congratulations!! -♥- Rachel (For the Birds)

  • Are you going to be able to have a walk in closet room like this in your new place with your husband?? I hope so! It's amazing! -♥- Rachel (For the Birds)

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