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Orange Lipstick

This weekend my friend Shanie and I were at Sephora and I tried on Bite’s lush lip gloss in orange and it was incredible. It’s a high pigmented gloss which apparently has fruit in it. What! It just glided on beautifully and even after I washed my face there was a hint of pigment left on my lips the next day. A $28 lip gloss isn’t really in my budget right now but I’ve had orange on the brain since then. As I was getting ready for a lunch date on Sunday, I found my old Revlon Kiss Me Coral in my lip gloss jar and I figured well heck isn’t that just meant to be.  Although not as amazing as the Bite gloss, this lipstick is pretty pigmented and lasts for several hours. It’s creamy but can be easily toned down for a matte look by blotting with a tissue and applying translucent face powder on your lips (which I didn’t do in the photos).  It’s supposed to be a coral but it’s really more of an orange hue. I compared it to my other coral lipstick and they are completely different shades.

And as you can see, I was pretty excited about my orange lipstick.  I mean come on, I even made an “orange you..” joke.