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Laura Mercier Concealer

So here’s the deal: my sister Nora is a beauty magician.

I tend to get easily overwhelmed watching YouTube tutorials. I needed a deep dive with real-life, hands-on examples. So I invited my sister over to host a beauty workshop.  This was serious business guys, she walked us through the entire beauty process from the importance of using a great moisturizer to what I like to call the bus-stop face; an easy 5 minute makeup routine that you could wear to your child’s bus stop at 7am, or in my case in the car on the way to work. (Just kidding, don’t try it).

After the workshop, I picked up Laura Mercier’s secret concealer for an every day bright face!
After the workshop, I made a list of must-have products now that I knew how to actually use them. The first was Laura Mercier’s Secret Concealer.  If I had to give away every single makeup product I own and only keep one, this would be it. I bought shade .05 in light beige.
I think the biggest takeaway for me was that we can’t expect amazing results if we don’t put in the effort. We were all oohhs and aahhs the entire time saying things like “I just can’t ever do that,” and “I don’t understand how you do that!” Sure, Nora is on another level than the average person, but she practiced to get there. She enjoys experimenting with new products, and in her free time she practices and tries new things until she gets it right. I think we’re so bombarded with media messages that tell us we can just slap a product on our face and expect super model results. I think if you’re really serious about making the most out of your products, it’s going to take a little time and effort.
There’s so much that we learned that I have to split it up into a series of posts. Thanks to Nora for an extremely informative workshop!