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John Frieda + Moroccan Oil Shampoo

This beauty review is about a shampoo that sucked the volume out of my hair and one that helped restore it.

I typically really like Organix products, specifically the Moroccan and Coconut Oils so I picked up the shampoo and conditioner because it was on sale. I guess I didn’t really think it through because my hair is already fine and this shampoo made my hair extremely flat and limp. Honestly, it looked terrible. I loved the way it smelled but it gave my hair no life at all that I couldn’t even get through the whole bottle.

I then decided to try John Frieda’s Luxurious Volume shampoo and conditioner to try to restore some volume back into my hair. I definitely noticed a difference with this one since switching from the Moroccan Oil as far as volume goes but not with the shine. It especially looks and feels fuller when I blow dry it but not as much when I skip the heat. Luxurious Volume still doesn’t measure up to the Root Awakening. I think I just need to go back to what I know.