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I Woke Up to This: A Journey Through My Four Alarms

Those who know me personally are familiar with my struggle to wake up in the morning. If you want to talk about the struggle being real, this is it folks. I try to go to bed early and have four alarms set to go off at full volume in the morning. Traditional alarm sounds stopped working for me a long time ago, so now I must strategically set my alarms to specific songs on my iPhone, which must be changed every month or so to keep the routine fresh. To share my struggle, I introduce a new series on Dina’s Days called I Woke Up to This: A Journey Through my Four Alarms. Through this series, I will share the songs I sleep through wake up to every morning. Who knows, you just may discover your new favorite song through my morning struggle.

This month, I’ve been attempting to wake up to:
The Tokens: The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Ditty: Paperboy

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