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How to organize photos on your iPhone

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a chance to relax during this holiday season. Mine started off very relaxing until I made myself anxious by trying to accomplish a thousand tasks before the calendar flipped to 2016. I’m working on not being so impulsive, but in the meantime I organized all my photos on my iPhone in the midst of those maniacal moments to get everything done.

I had a ton of important photos on my phone, including our wedding and trip to Brazil so I was determined to start the new year with a clean phone and with memorable prints in photo albums. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  Here are some handy tips:

Develop a routine: 
You don’t have to organize all of your photos in one sitting. If you have a couple hundred, you can probably knock it all out at once. If you have a ton of photos then set aside 15 minutes, an hour or whatever you can everyday for photo organization time. I did mine over the course of two days, with the majority of it on the bike at the gym.

Sort by Moments and delete:
The easiest way to view your photos on the iPhone is by going to ‘photos’ and sorting them by ‘moments’. This will sort them by date so you can easily delete the 100 selfies you took on NYE (oh wait, that’s me).

Create folders
Now that you deleted everything you don’t need, go back into the ‘moments’ sort and start putting similar photos in folders. Do this by selecting the photo, pressing ‘add to’ and create new folder. I sorted mine by vacations, kids, celebrations, etc. This will save you so much time.

Backup your favorite photos using one of the many photo cloud apps. Flickr is my favorite. This app allows you to easily upload albums from your phone.

Order prints
Now that your photos are in folders on your iPhone, simply upload these folders straight from your phone to a photo processing app. I prefer the Walgreens app. It’s very easy to use and you can print straight from Instagram, Facebook, Dropbox, and Flickr.  Don’t forget to Google or search Retail Me Not for a coupon code. I never order photo prints without a code. You can also get free prints from Free Prints, all you pay is shipping based on the number of photos you order.

Also, depending on the photo cloud storage you choose (Flickr, Dropbox, etc) you can usually print directly from those sites.

Delete (again)
Now that you’ve backed up your photos and ordered the prints, delete photos on your phone. Only keep the ones you think you will refer back to in the immediate future. You can always go back to Flickr or wherever you stored your photos to retrieve them.

Frame and file
To ensure your photos don’t fade, either frame them or put them in a photo album.They will fade if you leave them in a box for many years.

If you’re printing a lot of Instagram prints, Amazon has a lot of cute 4×4 sized frames. This Umbra Gridart 16-Opening Picture Frame is one of my favorites.

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