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How To: Middle Part Low Ponytail

Is there a lazy long hair award? Because if there is, I should be the number one recipient. I have never been very creative or talented when it comes to styling my hair. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried a side braid and simply pulling my hair back into a bun is a huge ordeal in itself. Thankfully, my sister is outstanding in the beauty department. Every time I leave her house I look like a different person. I’ve been obsessing over low ponytails and buns lately so she taught me how to pull my hair back into a sleek, clean, middle part pony.  Sure, there’s nothing completely over the top about it, but this is the perfect hairstyle for long hair at the office. I feel so much more put together when I wear it and it works well with collared shirts.

{ my sister did my hair + makeup for an evening out with friends so I gave it a shot at home (tutorial photo above) }

What you need: 
A hair tie
2-3 bobby pins
Hair spray

What you need to do: 
Part hair down the middle
Pin the side of your hair down right above your ear
Grab the small section at the top of your head and tease it lightly
Smooth out your hair and gather it to the nape and tie with hair tie
Remove bobby pins
Spray with hairspray
Grab a section of the hair that’s in the ponytail
Tease it lightly
Wrap it around your hair tie
Secure with bobby pins