DIY, thrift store finds

Goodwill Mirror DIY


I found this mirror at one of my favorite Goodwill locations in Middleburg Heights for $6 while shopping for items for the fashion show. It’s plastic and cheap but I knew a coat of fresh white paint would completely transform the look of it. I am an impulsive crafter – as soon as I get an idea it needs to happen yesterday, so I didn’t really think it through because I’ve never painted a mirror before. I sloppily taped the mirror with painter’s tape and sprayed the edge and still managed to get paint on the mirror itself. I used nail polish remover to get rid of the paint on the mirror right away before it had a chance to really set in. Also, be sure to remove the tape immediately, don’t wait until it dries. I filled in the imperfections with Zoya’s white polish and called it a day. I love how it completely changed the feel of the room and made it seem larger. Looking back now, I could have saved myself the hassle and just painted it with a brush rather than spray paint. I told you I’m an impulsive crafter.