DIY: Marquee Inspired Sign

The first thing I thought of when I was brainstorming decor ideas for my Spice pop-up collection at the new Goodwill boutique was a marquee inspired sign. I’ve found there are three ways to do this: the super cool semi-hard way with real lights, the easy way with ornaments glued inside the letters, and the super easy way with ornaments on the outside of the letters. I went with the super easy way. I initially started to follow this tutorial where she cut the letters open with an X-Acto knife. That part was extremely easy, but spray painting them was a disaster. It looked sloppy and messy. Instead, I started over by simply spray painting them and gluing mini ornaments directly on the letters. Read on for details and supplies:

notice how I initially cut them open to glue the ornaments inside the letter. I started over and glued them on the outside because it was too messy.


What you need:

Paper mache letters (approximately $3 a letter)
Spray paint (I prefer Rustoleum)
Mini ornaments in silver or gold
A glue gun

What you need to do:

Spray paint your letters and let them dry over night.
Align the ornaments on the letter before applying the glue to determine placement
Remove the backing of the mini ornaments and apply hot glue
Carefully glue the ornament to the letter
Let it dry for at least a day
Handle with care when hanging. I used double sided adhesive tape. If you’re rough with the letters, the ornaments will fall off. They should be fine if you’re careful; I transported them in my car and they were fine.


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  • this is so cute – i was wondering if you made the sign i kept seeing in the pics. so awesome!


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