DIY Coasters and Framed Fabric

When it comes to scrapbook paper and DIY projects, the possibilities are endless. Making these coasters is so easy, the hardest part it picking out which paper to use. I don’t recommend using fabric for this project.

What you need:

Tiles (from any home improvement store. I got mine at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore for 9 cents a piece)
Mod Podge in matte
1 sheet of decorative paper
Spray glue  (I love spray glue it works better than any other kind of adhesive)
A brush for the Modge Podge

What you need to do:

  • Measure and cut your paper to fit your tile. I recommend making them about 1/2  to 1 inch smaller so the paper doesn’t run off the edges
  • Spray the glue on the tile, apply the paper
  • Apply the Mod Podge. Let dry. Apply a second coat.

To cover the bottom

You can either buy felt to cover the bottom of the coaster to protect furniture but I just used scraps of the paper I had left over and glued them to the bottom. 

Project # 2 Frame your Fabric!

I had some cute fabric leftover from another project and decided to put it in a vintage frame. So easy and cheap!

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