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Denim shirt three ways

My obsession with denim shirts started about six years ago when I found the perfect GAP denim button down at Goodwill. I quickly realized how incredibly versatile they are. They are also easy to wear and never go out of style.It’s easy to find chambray shirts at my local Goodwill because they sort their shirts by style and color so you’ll find that all the denim shirts are organized on a rack next to each other. I simply head to either the long sleeve or sleeveless shirt section,  then look for the denim shirts.
Shirt $2, Skirt $5, Shoes $2

I like to keep three denim shirts on hand, and at less than $5 a shirt, that’s totally doable. I keep one loose boyfriend style for casual wear, one fitted shirt to wear with full skirts or pencil skirts for work, and one vintage sleeveless shirt.

There’s tons of inspiration online for denim shirts. I thrifted each of these denim shirts from Goodwill anywhere from $1 to $2. These are just three of dozens of ways I wear my chambrays!

Shirt $2, Jeans $13, Shoes $10

I like to think of chambray as a neutral. If I’m wearing something loud or bold, I tone it tone with a denim shirt. I love pairing denim with denim. I will sometimes wear it open, layered with a graphic tee for relaxed weekend look.

Be sure to add a denim shirt to your thrift wish list this June as part of the 12 Months of Thrifting Challenge. This challenge is designed to help you build a thrifted wardrobe, month by month. Share your finds using the tag #12MonthsofThrifting on social media.